About Me

Nancy J. Hedin photo by Ryan Rodgers


Nancy Hedin, a Minnesota writer, has been a pastor and bartender (at the same time). She has been a stand-up comic and a mental health crisis worker (at the same time). She wants readers to know that every story she writes begins with her hearing voices.  


My Books

In 2018 Nancy’s debut novel, Bend was named Debut Novel of the Year by Golden Crown Literary Society and Foreword Indies Honorable Mention for GLBT Adult Novel of the Year. Barnes and Noble named Bend one of twenty-five books to read for Pride Month.


Newest Novel

Stray is a stand-alone novel but it is also a sequel to Bend. When Lorraine’s gay friend is the victim of a hate crime Lorraine Tyler wants to find out who did it and whether she’s next. Stray is a story of politics fueling hate, competing romantic interests, and regular people examining their hearts, beliefs and hormones. Will the town of Bend be a place of judgment or sanctuary?